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What Should You Expect On Your First Visit With Us?


At Bell Chiropractic Injury And Pain we offer primary spine care. Our examinations procedures are geared toward locating and correcting the cause of your spinal problem.  The procedures we use are therefore specifically selected to evaluate your spine and nervous system. There are a couple of things that you should expect when you have a first visit at our office.

Our Chiropractic Examination consists of a thorough spinal and nervous system evaluation.  This includes movement and static "palpation", which is essentially checking your spine by hand.  We also typically will perform orthopedic testing and evaluate ranges of motion.  We will then inform you of those findings as the exam proceeds. With this highly specialized examination, Dr.Bell can locate areas of your spine that may have abnormal findings.  In many cases, Dr. Bell will then recommend an x-ray (or series of x-rays) to more specifically diagnose your condition. 

The importance of your exam and x rays (if needed)  will be explained to you at your next visit with us, we call that your Report of Findings. However, it is important to note that this examination helps the Doctor to scientifically understand any abnormal processes going on in your spine. It also gives us a baseline for future tests so we can accurately measure your progress to see how your spine is correcting and your nervous system is functioning. Using these examination procedures is much more accurate than just depending on "how you feel" on any given day.

State-Of-The-Art Digital Spinal X-rays may be taken depending on your age, and situation. There are many reasons why we would not take x-rays on certain patients including pregnancy, most children, recent usable spinal x-rays and some other various situations. X-rays give us important information including the position of the spinal bones, and the quality of the spine and safety of adjusting it. X-rays also can tell us whether your spine problem is an older one (chronic) or relatively new (acute).  Commonly, most patients receive two to three spinal x-rays at the beginning of care.

With this important information we can make a more accurate determination of the type of adjustments your spine needs, as well as the ongoing frequency of your care. Your x-rays and all clinical findings will be explained to you and covered in detail at your Report of Findings. You will be scheduled for your Report of Findings within a day or two of your initial visit. This visit is your most important for you and Dr.Bell to talk in detail about your diagnosis (what is causing your symptoms or health problems) and prognosis (what our plans will be going forward). At this visit we will give you a care plan and go over any special instructions you will need to obtain the best and fastest possible results. Dr.Bell will answer all questions you may have about your care or chiropractic in general.  Our staff will schedule your Report of Findings with you after your first visit.  Please know that all care in our office is geared towards you and your specific health needs.  Dr. Bell works with a team of health care professionals.  If he doesn't feel that he can help you, he will get you to someone who can.  We are here to serve you in any and every way possible.

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