You've been in an accident. Now what?

It's not easy deciding which provider to see for your care.  This is especially challenging in cases of trauma, which often involves the medical-legal arena.  In cases of serious personal injury (including workers compensation and no fault accidents) it is imperative that you choose a provider who has the knowledge, credentials and expertise to properly care for, and triage (when needed), your injuries.  

I've been caring for injury patients for well over 25 years now.  I am credentialed in trauma care by Cleveland University (KC) and the Academy of Chiropractic, where I'm also certified in intraprofessional hospital care.  I have advanced clinical training in several areas pertinent to injury care, including MRI interpretation, crash reconstruction, electrodiagnosis (EMG/NCV), and the diagnosis and care of MTBI (concussion).  

Injured?  It's decision time.  At Bell Chiropractic Injury and Pain, our office is ready, willing AND qualified to care for you.  Give us a call at 649-9200 or make an appointment right here on our website.  Thank you.


Dr. Darren Bell

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We Accept NYS No Fault (auto) and Workers Compensation Injuries